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Requests and notes regarding safety during lessons

  • Skiing and snowboarding are enjoyable sports that promote physical and mental health while allowing you to connect with nature. However, it's essential to be aware that poor visibility or snow quality, fatigue or carelessness, and crowded slopes can increase the risk of falling or colliding with other skiers, boarders, or obstacles. Please participate in these activities with the understanding that inherent dangers exist.

  • Choosing suitable equipment based on your goals, fitness level, and experience is crucial not only for improving your technique but also for ensuring a fun, comfortable, and safe lesson. If you have any questions regarding equipment, feel free to contact the rental or school staff. Rental equipment is available at the ski resort to assist you.

  • To minimize the risks associated with snow sports and prevent accidents, prioritize getting sufficient rest before and during your participation and try to ski in the best possible condition. If you're not feeling well, it's perfectly acceptable to decline participation.

  • For your safety, we strongly recommend wearing a helmet, as it is considered an essential item to prevent serious accidents.

  • During the lessons, the staff will guide you through warm-up exercises, and cool-down routines, which are highly effective in preventing injuries. Additionally, we encourage you to remember and perform these exercises on your own.

  • Accident insurance premiums are included in each lesson plan, but we strongly recommend obtaining an optional accident insurance with adequate coverage in advance.

  • Except for private lessons, all other lessons are group activities with multiple participants. Please follow the instructor's instructions, adhere to the meeting time, starting order, and other guidelines to help prevent accidents and ensure a smoother lesson experience.

  • Our instructors are dedicated to providing safe, enjoyable, and meaningful lessons for you. We kindly ask that you also observe general etiquette and rules while using the ski resort facilities to make the most of your time here. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Lastly, we will adhere to the guidelines set by the ski resort for lift rides.

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