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Crayon Shinchan Kids School

Target age: 3-9 years old

​This is a magic lesson for children trying skiing for the first time!!
Enjoy safe and fun lessons on indoor slopes and outdoor slopes with dedicated snow escalators.

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​​■ Lesson time

2 lesson days

A. 10:00 am ~ 12:00 am

B. 13:30 ~ 15:30 pm


4 lesson days 


A. 9:45am~11:45am

B. 10:30am~12:30am


A. 13:00pm~15:30pm

B. 14:00pm~16:00pm

​*4 Lesson days are a combination of 1 lesson in the morning and 1 lesson in the afternoon.  Total of 2 lessons in the morning and 2 lessons in the afternoon are available.

​*4 Lesson days coverage period: 12/28~1/4 and 2/10~2/12

Group lesson fee

■Normal day

Max 5 people

2 hours (half-day)


Max 5 people

4 hours a day


■ Specific day

(New Year's holiday, Christmas, Chinese New Year)

2 hours half day


4 a daytime

20,000 per person

*Specific day period

Year-end and New Year holidays, Christmas, Chinese New Year

12/22~1/8 18 days

7 days from 2/8 to 2/14

Private lesson fee

■Normal day

2 hours half day

​1 person 30,000

*For each additional person +5,000 yen

2 people 35,000

​3 people 40,000

4 hours a day

​1 person 40,000

*For each additional person +5,000 yen

2 people 45,000

​3 people 50,000

■ Specific date

(New Year's holiday, Christmas, Chinese New Year)

2 hours half day

​1 Name 45,000

*For each additional person +5,000 yen

2 people50,000

3 people 55,000

4 a daytime

60,000 per person

*For each additional person +5,000 yen

2 people65,000

3 people 70,000

*Specific day period

Year-end and New Year holidays, Christmas, Chinese New Year

12/22~1/8 18 days

7 days from 2/8 to 2/14

・Prices shown include tax.

​・For each additional person +5,000 yen

・Price includes lesson skis, ski boots, helmet, and exclusive slope usage fee.

​・Usage of lift is only available for private programs.


What to bring: Face mask or mask, ski wear, goggles, knit hat, gloves, high socks.

*Goggles: Necessary in all weathers to protect your eyes from UV rays and snow.
*Skis, ski boots, and helmets are not required as we use our special teaching materials. ​

・Please wear ski wear on the day of the lesson.

・As you will be wearing a helmet, please prepare a hat without a pompom attached.

・Please wear breathable innerwear under your ski wear.

・To avoid discomfort inside the boots, please wear high socks instead of short ones.

・A neck warmer is useful for keeping your neck warm.

・If your child wears diapers, please bring a change of diapers.

・For repeat participants with a lesson card, please present it before the lesson.

■ Lesson features

The items (educational materials) commonly installed on both indoor and outdoor slopes are like toys that capture the children's hearts. In fact, these items contain many secrets to help children improve their skiing. As children play with these items, they naturally learn correct posture, weight shift, and edging.

​Check-in instruction

Check-in Instructions on the Day of the Lesson:

Please apply in advance using one of the following methods before the reservation deadline for each lesson menu.

​​・Scheduled Opening Date

​Crayon Shin-chan Kids School: 2023/12/9

Enhanced Reservation Guidelines:

To streamline the reservation process, kindly utilize our comprehensive online reservation system. When you submit reservation inquiries via email or phone, we will guide you through the seamless online pre-payment process.

For optimal scheduling, please choose a date up to 2 days before your desired lesson date. Ensure your reservation request is made at least 2 days in advance during our business hours.

Post the aforementioned date, please call us to confirm your reservation, as there is a high likelihood that we may be unable to accommodate reservations made thereafter.

Payment Deadlines: Promptly settle the lesson fee within 48 hours after the payment request to confirm your reservation. Reservation confirmation is contingent upon the completion of payment. Understand that if payment cannot be verified, the reservation will be deemed invalid.

For those on the waiting list, your reservation will be treated as an open slot. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Check-in Instructions:

On the day of your lesson, please follow the check-in procedures as outlined below:

*For Crayon Shin-chan Kids School users, please sign up at the main reception desk and then gather at the indoor slope on the first floor of the plaza 20 minutes before the start of the warm-up exercises.

General Check-in 
Time: The reception desk opens at 8:30~9:30、12:30~13:00. Please check-in at least 20 minutes before the warm-up exercises start. During check-in, we will verify your application details.
   *Please arrive at the reception desk early during the year-end, New Year's holidays, weekends, and national holidays, as these times tend to be crowded.
Location: School Reception Counter in the Appi Resort Center.

Thank you, and we look forward to your participation!

​■Cancellation Policy

0% up to 7 days prior
20% from 7 days to 48 hours before

100% after 48 hours prior

Same Day Reservations:

Depending on the availability of each lesson, you may be able to apply on the same day. If interested, please visit the school reception counter at the Appi Resort Center.

*Please note that reservations and applications cannot be made over the phone.

For reservations, please use the link below.

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